Book Review Publication Policy for Social Media and The Kgp Chronicle

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Publication of book reviews on various platforms of IIT Kharagpur is subject to approval. In addition to case by case consideration, the following are the mandatory guidelines to be followed:

  1. The book being reviewed must be authored by a faculty or staff member, an alumnus/alumna or a student of IIT Kharagpur
  2. The book must be published by a publisher of national or international repute
  3. The book must be available with or without cost in the public domain
  4. The review must be vetted by the Branding & Communication team or Dean or Associate Dean, IR
  5. The review must be supported with the book’s cover image
  6. The review must be accompanied by the book’s foreword and preface pages
  7. Any promotional information about the book will not be shared
  8. The book being reviewed must be available in print version

This policy is limited to books only. It does not include other media and other platforms such as movies, documentaries, journal articles, newspaper articles, videos.

Book reviews published on these platforms are for the information and convenience of the readers. IIT Kharagpur does not endorse the book, content therein or promotional activities.