Dr B C Roy- A pioneer of Medical Science, who remodeled the perception on Doctors

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God is busy, cannot be present everywhere, that’s why they have created doctors. Rightly said by Carl Jung- “Medicines cure diseases, but only doctors cure patients.

In recognition of service rendered by the medical doctors, July 1 is celebrated as National Doctors’ Day all across India, to honour the legendary Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy on his birth and death anniversary.

This day is very important to pay tribute to the doctors, who are selflessly and tirelessly protecting us. To acknowledge and salute them for their contributions towards serving the nation, IIT Kharagpur has celebrated National Doctors’ Day at the Bidhan Chowk (Academic Complex) of the Institute. The standbeeld of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy has been adorned with garlands and flowers. The Director, Prof Virendra Kumar Tewari; the Deputy Director, Prof Amit Patra as well as the Registrar, Deans, Faculty members and Staff members  have paid tribute and homage to Dr B C Roy, an eminent physician, educationist, philanthropist, freedom fighter and politician.  He was the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. He remained in this post for 14 years. He was also the first Chairman, Board of Governors of IIT Kharagpur.

We all are highly grateful to the doctors, one of the frontline warriors, for fighting a long war against COVID -19 pandemic and sacrificing their own lives to save our life.

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By Poulami Mondal

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