Exploring the Leadership Role in Public Service

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Partha Ghosh Academy of Leadership (PGAL) at IIT Kharagpur is back again with a Leadership Talk Series and this time with the most renowned and celebrated leaders of  time, Mr. Amitabh Kant, Ex-CEO of NITI Aayog and India’s G-20 Sherpa who will speak on Leadership in Public Service on 28th May 2024. He is the man who is an exceptional bureaucrat and a driving force behind transformative initiatives such as ‘Make in India,’ ‘Start Up India,’ and ‘Ease of Doing Business.’ His deep understanding of ethical leadership, inclusive policymaking, and innovative mobility solutions has positioned him as one of India’s most influential thought leaders. Mr. Kant’s visionary approach has significantly contributed to shaping India’s economic landscape and fostering an environment of growth and innovation.

PGAL is excited to share the latest updates and developments from the academy, where they are dedicated to nurturing and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. The Academy of Leadership gears up to conduct a Leadership Talk Series on Cultivating Ethical Leadership by bridging the universe within with the universe outside. Recently, the academy had the privilege of running an intensive Leadership Training program for the National Informatics Centre (NIC). This program was specially designed to equip NIC professionals with the skills and insights necessary to navigate and lead in the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology and digital governance.

The comprehensive curriculum covered a wide range of topics including strategic thinking, effective communication, change management, and innovation. Through interactive workshops, case studies, and practical exercises, participants were able to develop a deeper understanding of leadership principles and how to apply them in their daily roles. The feedback from NIC participants has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the transformative impact of the training on their professional lives.

Empowering the Ministry of Education

In addition to working with NIC, the academy of leadership has also conducted a leadership training program for the Ministry of Education. This initiative aimed to enhance the leadership capabilities of education sector professionals, enabling them to drive reforms and improvements within the educational system.

We are thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity to attend a virtual lecture by the esteemed Mr. Amitabh Kant, India’s G20 Sherpa and former CEO of NITI Aayog. This event, organized by the Partha Ghosh Academy of Leadership at IIT Kharagpur, promises to be a source of invaluable insights and inspiration for all attendees.

Featured Speakers 🎤
In addition to Mr. Kant, they are honored with the presence of:
  • Dr. Partha S. Ghosh: A distinguished scholar and leader in his own right, who will offer his insights on leadership and strategic thinking.
  • Commander VK Jaitly: With extensive experience in leadership and management, he will provide a compelling perspective on effective organizational dynamics.
Monthly International Leadership Talk Series

One of the highlights of the leadership academy is the Monthly International Leadership Talk Series, where they host world-renowned leaders to discuss various aspects of “Leadership Education” and more. These online sessions are an incredible opportunity for aspiring leaders to gain insights from some of the most influential figures in the field of leadership.

Each month, a distinguished speaker shares their experiences, challenges, and strategies for effective leadership. Topics range from global leadership trends to personal development and resilience. Our recent sessions have featured leaders from diverse backgrounds, including corporate executives, thought leaders, and innovators.

The Academy encourages everyone to join these insightful sessions to learn from the best and stay updated on the latest trends in leadership. To stay informed about upcoming talks and other programs, be sure to follow the respective social media channels.

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To keep the community engaged and informed, the academy actively shares leadership tips, updates, and announcements on their social media channels. Whether you are looking for daily inspiration, practical advice, or information about their programs, the social media platforms are a valuable resource.

By following PGAL, you will be the first to know about their latest initiatives, upcoming events, and exclusive content. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay connected and be part of our growing community of leaders.

Partha Ghosh Academy of Leadership is committed to provide world-class leadership education and training. Their programs for NIC and the Ministry of Education, coupled with our International Leadership Talk Series, are designed to inspire and empower leaders across various sectors.

We invite you to join us on this journey of learning and growth. Participate in their programs, attend their monthly talks, and follow us on social media to stay updated and engaged. Together, we can build a future where effective, compassionate, and innovative leadership drives positive change.

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