IIT KGP Lends Support to COVID Quarantine

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  1. Prabhakar Bagalkot says:

    Great step by Our IIT KGP. The vision of Dr B C Roy , an Eminent Doctor and CM of Bengal , which lead to the Founding of IIT KGP , in 1947 – 1948 , times , nascent India, is now helping IIT KGP to contribute in the field of Medecal world . In fct IIT KGP it self was founded by a Doctor , Dr B C Roy , and CM of Bengal. He introduced High Tech Project , at Hijli , campus , an old British era detension camp, which became IIT KGP later . As history goes . It is a great Tribute to Dr B C Roy. As students we were introduced to Bio medical elective in mechanical engg dept by Dr Aurora , some electives were given and we were lucky to learn and get an idea . Thanks to all our Teachers ,Staff, who made IIT KGP . ….Prabhakar.D.B , Alumni , 1976 , mech eng , Mtech .
    Regards to all our teachers in the past and present , and best wishes to the ones who will be in future . Sir .

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