IIT Kharagpur ranked 5th in India in QS Asia University Rankings 2023

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Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP) ranked 5th in India as per the QS Asia University Rankings 2023. The premier institute overall ranked 61st in Southern Asia among its other peers. IIT Kharagpur is the national leader and Asia’s third-highest among the Universities with the indicator of maximum staff having PhD and featured among the top 8% in the QS Asia University Ranking 2023 with a total of 760 institutions.

The institute has also been named as one of the world’s top 100 universities for the study of 19 subjects, according to the world’s highest QS University Rankings. IIT KGP ranked 37th in 2022 compared to 44th in 2021 in Mineral & Mining Engineering & 80th rank in 2022, improving its rank from 90th in 2021 in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. In Engineering & Technology, it ranked 101st in the world and 3rd in India, as per the 12th QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2022. The Institute of Eminence featured in the top three in India for Agriculture & Forestry (1st rank), Statistics & Operational Research (1st rank), Mineral & Mining Engineering (2nd rank), Environmental Sciences (2nd rank), Economics & Econometrics (2nd rank), Engineering & Technology (3rd rank), Computer Science & Information Systems (3rd rank), Chemical Engineering (3rd rank) and Accounting & Finance (3rd rank). Overall, the institute leaped up to 10 places to secure 270th rank in the QS World University Ranking 2023 and improved its 2022 performance by 10 places and seen significant rise in academic and employer reputation. The Citations per Faculty has also seen a variable rise being the strongest indicator for the institute and fared among the top 19% in the QS World University Rankings.

Speaking on the QS Asia Rankings 2023, Prof. Amit Patra, Deputy Director, IIT Kharagpur remarked, “We are glad to see the consistent rise in our global ranking over the last decade. Being fundamentally a technology oriented institution we have the scope to make a major impact to the economy of the country. We are soon going to add medical education to our repertoire which would put us head-to-head with the world leaders like MIT & Stanford.”

Branching out to the avenues of Medical Engineering and Bio-medical Studies with an amalgamation of technological advancements and nano technology, importance is given to medical education including biomedical sensing research, an interdisciplinary R&D work at School of Medical Science and Technology (SMST), at IIT Kharagpur has been initiated to promote MEMS and Biosensor activity that encompasses design, fabrication and engineering of biomedical & microfluidic devices for its electro-physiological characterization. For the evaluation of electrical and physical properties of biomolecules and cells using suitable micro-fluidic devices, appropriate fabrication of polymeric coated bio-MEMS are being investigated and its utility are evaluated under different microscopic and electrical impedance study. The School has collaborated with some of the best medical research institutes and medical industries from all over the world and introduced an interdisciplinary 3 years Masters Program in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) – the first of its kind in the country. The school also offers a 4 semester M.Tech program in Medical Imaging & Informatics along with PhD programs. Prestigious awards and fellowships like Nehru-Fulbright, Khorana, DAAD scholarships etc. were bestowed on several students.

The institute is also gearing up to expand its horizons in the field of medical science in the form Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Institute of Medical Science and Research Forum & by establishing a medical college the B. C Roy Multi-Speciality Medical Research Centre which is a major boost for setting the dawn of a new era in the IIT system in Medical Education & Research for community welfare. IIT Kharagpur is the first IIT in India to have expanded its horizon to providing medical education in both MBBS and Post-graduate programs and healthcare services. The new Super Speciality Hospital in the name of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee has started its OPD with initial 14-visiting specialists. Many of the Alumni of IIT KGP have also donated beds for the hospital.

Speaking on the QS Rankings by Subject 2022, Prof. V K Tewari, Director, IIT Kharagpur remarked, “IIT Kharagpur stands out from other IITs with its multi-disciplinary mandate to transform its education curriculum to a knowledge economy along with the focus on skill development and entrepreneurship.”

Along with modern sciences, the genesis of traditional knowledge systems known as the Centre of Excellence for Indian Knowledge Systems (CoEIKS) entail in a knowledge transfer of indigenous knowledge systems offering a value proposition which can be naturally assimilated, making learning more engaging and delightful. The Indian Knowledge System that transfuses the relevance of traditional knowledge systems & ancient wisdom in contemporary times and their role to synergise modern scientific knowledge with Indian art, architecture, sociology, culture, language etc. has created a resource of connecting our basic knowledge with our existence. It has opened ways. The young talents of the post-pandemic world would be more in need of interdisciplinary  and more integrated learning programs. Education in mother tongue follows the same line of thoughts to make learning more accessible by enabling students to grasp the knowledge in the same language as they speak. The diversity of the institute with Centre of Excellence for Indian Knowledge Systems, the Centre of Excellence for Classical and Folk Arts, Leadership, Science of Happiness, Law, Management, Safety Analytics etc. will generate multidisciplinary mandate implementation.

Being the oldest IIT in the country, the activities of IIT Kharagpur is aligned to serve national interest and seeks to provide broad-based education, helping students hone their professional skills and acquire the best-in-class capabilities in their respective disciplines, infusing a spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and socialism among students. The institute has unique innovations like Deekshak e-classroom software, Ultra High Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel for Indian Space, Painless Needle, Cell patterning, 2G Ethanol, AI based low-cost meteorological inspection system, Robotic systems to detect and treat plant disease, novel technique to trace ancient seasons and climate change etc. which thrust ahead the Institute among its global peers.

Associations with GIAN, SPARC, DST, C-DAC has been a complimentary asset to project IIT Kharagpur’s growth trajectory on a front foot with the nation where people are aware about its initiatives towards excellence in innovations, technological developments, research, community service, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, social impact, nation building, social welfare, and professional accomplishments. Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Paramshakti Supercomputing Mission for Param-Vidya, Safety in Engineering & Analytics along with Quality, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety (QRAMS) stands out with its inclusive efforts to become a global benchmark for education, training, consulting and research. As an Institute of Eminence, IIT Kharagpur has always been popular choice for Internationalization in Higher Studies with the neighbouring countries. Contributions to community welfare in the fields of Education and Outreach, Affordable healthcare, Clean drinking water, Food and Nutrition, Rural Development, Sustainable Livelihood, Environmental Sustainability and several other areas under the ambit of CSR has been developed to serve the neighbouring community.

Progressive change comes from progressive minds, that is the work the Institute fosters to implant as Policy Makers, as Academicians, as Societal Reforms and as one of the premier and oldest institute of the country.

By : Poulami Mondal, Digital & Creative Media Executive (Creative Writer)
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By Poulami Mondal

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