IITKgp Full Scholarship for SAARC Nationals

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  1. Prof. P. K. Datta ( Aerospace ), Retired. says:

    The idea of SAARC scholarships is a good idea. However, the question remains regarding the quality and academic back ground of the students. These students will get admitted without JEE examination and they will attend classes with the regular JEE qualified students. Will they be able to manage with the standards of teaching at I IT level?
    I May recall that this was tried several years back. The foreign students performed misserably bad in the courses. I was very much involved in the core subjects teaching. The performance was very bad. Finally IIT decided to discontinue this programme – only reason being the very poor performance of the students.

    So I suggest that this aspect should be carefully studied , specially to judge the standard of these students. Do think about my opinion, because of my long experience with academics standard of IIT.

  2. juel says:

    date over?

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