Japan Fever Hits IIT KGP Placement

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Analytics is again ruling the roost in the first three days of campus placement at IIT Kharagpur with 150+ Analytics profiles among the 769 offers made so far.  The recruiters include top global corporations such as Microsoft, Intel, Barclays, Master Card, Qualcomm, EXL etc. offering positions in their offices in India and abroad. The American analytics company EXL has made 35 offers so far followed by Intel and Barclays with 29 and 22 offers respectively; Qualcomm, Master Card and Oyo made 21 offers each. Microsoft Corporation has made 4 offers in USA and 13 more for its India office. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. has made 4 offers. The 769 offers included 258 Pre-Placement Offers and 23 international offers.

Japan making headline at IIT KGP for the first time

What is unique this year, is the presence of 5 Japanese corporations for phase I placement session. On  Day 1, Mercari Japan led the show with 6 international offers. On day 2, two more corporations Bizreach and Yahoo made 3 and 1 offers respectively for positions in the island-nation. WorksApplications, another Japanese firm recruited for one profile on day 3 while Rakuten is scheduled on day 6.

So what is attracting Japanese corporations to hire from IIT KGP this year?

“Compared to USA and EU, there is a much lower presence of IITians and bright Indian graduates in Japanese corporations. Now the industrial sector in Japan is looking forward to attracting talented youth from India. With Japanese companies showing significant interest in recruiting graduates from IIT KGP, a career in Japan is expected to become a popular choice for bright IIT graduates,” remarked Prof. G P Raja Sekhar, Head, Career Development Center (CDC) at IIT Kharagpur.

Bilateral relations between India and Japan has been on an upward trajectory since the late 1950s. This symbiosis between the technology leader and India’s giant market has made way for a robust technology-trade-investment corridor for the mutual benefit of both countries.

“IITKGP has several MoUs with Japanese universities in the field of Naval Architecture, Agriculture, Transportation studies, Medical Studies etc. and our Director has just returned from a tour of Japan with stronger possibilities of industrial and academic collaborations,” explained Prof. Baidurya Bhattacharya, Dean, International Relations, IIT Kharagpur.

Campus First-timers

This year more than 362 companies have already registered and more than 618 profiles have been opened by them. The figure includes 16 companies which would be recruiting from the campus for the first time. To name a few, ARPWood Capital, AB InBev, Blackrock, Bidgely, ARPWood, Auctus Advisors, MasterCard, Bizreach etc. “This will provide an ample opportunity to our students to choose their career wisely,” said the CDC Head.

Start-ups Hiring

This placement session is also witnessing the participation of some of India’s leading start-up business and the figure is touching 33 with Zomato, Ola, Oyo, Flipkart, Innovacer etc. and most of the other start-ups visiting the campus in the first few days of placement. “The students are quite enthusiastic to join in this sector, as being an emerging field, it will ensure the high growth of their career trajectory. Moreover, students are giving importance to the profile offered than merely the name of the companies. Startups are eager to participate as early as possible during the phase 1 placements at IITs. Students are more specific about the profile and they are very much comfortable with startups. They are of the opinion that the growth at startups is quick,” added the CDC Head.

By Shreyoshi Ghosh

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