Rare Volumes

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The Kgp Chronicle presents two rare volumes shared by two Directors of the Institute.


This publication is a reprint copy of the Sarkar Committee Report about the Development of Higher Technical Institutions in India which was published in March 1948 by the Central Bureau of Education India. The copy was handed over by Prof. A C Pandya to Prof. R K Das in 1982 and was later passed on to Prof. V K Tewari, Director IIT Kharagpur who has kindly shared the scanned version of the copy for archival by The Kgp Chronicle.



The Silver Jubilee Commemoration Volume published on the occasion of Convocation of 1975 was contributed by Former Director Prof. P P Chakrabarti.  Collected from a campus resident the copy has now found place in the personal book collection of Prof. Chakrabarti.


If you have similar rare book collections related to IIT Kharagpur do share with The Kgp Chronicle.

For more information write to media@iitkgp.ac.in.