Saturday Manufacturing Talks by CoE in Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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The Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology of IIT Kharagpur is conducting a mega event titled “SATURDAY MANUFACTURING TALKS”.

Join Online Every Saturday, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm IST

It is planned to be a year-long series of webinars on topics of advanced manufacturing. It will stress the need for an industry-academia collaboration perspective.

The topics include but not limited to :
– Robotics, Automation, and Use of AI and ML in manufacturing
– Simulation in manufacturing
– Specialty materials in manufacturing
– Additive manufacturing
– AI in Supply Chain
– Design of Experiments in engineering

Watch Video for insights of Industry 4.0 related work at Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, IIT Kharagpur

A few highlights of the event are as follows:
– Webinars will be delivered by both academicians and industry professionals – this will help in broadening the reach and outlook
– Speakers would be Alumni of IIT Kharagpur in academics and industry (India and Abroad) – this will help in understanding the research being conducted globally on advanced manufacturing

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By Shreyoshi Ghosh


  • Utkarsh Verma -

    Respected sir/ madam,
    I, Utkarsh Verma am a student at Delhi Technological University, currently in the second year of my pursuing of Bachelors’s degree in mechanical engineering. I have an interest in learning about different advancements happening in the industries and the shift of the industries from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0. Also, I am keenly interested in robotics, CAD, and additive manufacturing. I have a good record as a student having a current GPA of 9.1 and a departmental rank of 6.
    I would really be grateful if I would get a chance to work at the centre of excellence in advanced manufacturing technology
    as an intern. It would be a great opportunity for me to be working at one of the premier institutes of the country.
    Thanking you

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