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The present is just a synoptic one on the IIT Kharagpur IKS calendar of 2022 based on the scientific realization of

  1. Being and Becoming (ontology of the Vedas as recognized by 1977 Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine),
  2. Yogakshema-complementarities of ascent and descent of human mind to and from Divinity (realized by the Scientific principles developed by International Experts like Abraham Maslow and Arnold Toynbee),
  3. The idea of Cosmic Matrix or Vedic Matarisvan (Idea of MATRIX forwarded by top International Experts namely Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas, Rene Guenon, Mircae Eliade and many more Scientist like James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis on ‘Gaia’s Hypothesis, which is an accepted paradigm in Top Ecosystem sciences);
  4. The parable of the Unicorn as the Eka-Sringa Rishi (based on 100 top international experts driven work encoded in THE PENGUIN DICTIONARY OF SYMBOLS 1969);
  5. The Seven Sages and the Seven (Septuplet) Matrikas (works done by renowned scholars like Alice Boner, Padmashree Bettina Baumer and Stella Kramerisch);
  6. The embedding of the mention of ‘Shiva Sakha’ in the Rig Veda refuting the Aryan-Dravidian racial dialectics and the tone of Scientific racism (the discarded works of Eugenics and Biostatistics propagated by Charles Darwin and his cousin Francis Dalton and successor Karl Pearson rejected at the Nuremberg Trial of 1945-46;
  7. And the 1995 work intertwined with Racial Imperialism with a Colonial Hangover (rejected by the ‘Padmashree’ and award-winning Book of French Archaeologist Dr. Michel Danino entitledThe Invasion that Never Was’! FY:

Welcome to the IIT KGP IKS Calendar 2022!

The theme of this year’s Calendar challenges the Indian heritage of genetic influx attributed by the Caucasus Eurasia. The Calendar entitled “Recovery of the Foundations of Indian Knowledge Systems”, comprises of twelve evidence that substantiates the Recognitions of the Secret of Vedas and the Reinterpretation of the Indus Valley Civilization. Apart from the most actively debated topic, “The Rebuttal of the Aryan Invasion Myth” which has created a sensation among the historical custodians of the western civilization, the pages of different months are dedicated to the finding of paleo lithic horse fossils in the Sanpo-Brahmaputra river valley, the principle of subtle causation of the life principle or reincarnation, the non-linear and cyclic notions of the eons of time and cosmic symmetry, are unique evolution within the Indian subcontinent by the highest levels of adaptation-acceptance-and-altruism of the Vedic ‘Arya’ Rishis as opposed to the Colonial idea of ‘Arya’ that is based on racial arrogance, apartheid and aggression. These properties, as evident as the ‘Secret of the Veda’ and as embedded in the Indus Valley seals puts the Indus Valley Civilization (7000 – 2000 BCE) either concurrent with the Vedic Age or succeeding the Vedic age. These properties or ‘constructs’ are unique of the Indian paradigm for thousands of years, but the West has just realized the cyclic and non-linear constructs of time, space and causation in last hundred years by virtue of quantum physical and latest thermodynamic, ecological and environmental life-cycle analyses.

Today, the outputs of temporal evidence from the archaeo-astronomical planetarium software earmark the astral descriptions of constellation during times of oblation as evident in the Vedas to dates as early as 9000 BCE. These outputs are based on a 26000 cyclic return of earth’s axis and the positional view of the sky dome of any view taken at time T. It is called the science of ‘The Precession of the Equinox’.

The 20 years of research findings established that the coinage of ‘Aryan’ was an epithet and sobriquet given to the human beings, the evolving Anthropic principle, with higher Chakras representing superior branch of humanity like the Rishis or Gurus demarcated in our Vedic Upanishads and did not involve any foreign invasion by colonial aggressors. This is the basis of YOGA and KSHEMA as it has been accepted by the United Nations / UNESCO (2015) as world’s most powerful and universal intangible heritage of inner contemplative and gnostic pursuit.


Every page in the Calendar is backed up by 20 + years of research, papers and documentation. The last 2013-19 years of progress under the Science and Heritage initiative (SandHI) is just one of many that happened with the IIT system to garner the sayings in the Calendar, having larger support publications and books. In January 2022 it delineates ‘India’s sacred landscape’ that is avoided in the Aryan Invasion theory, i.e. considering the subcontinent from the east to the west. In February 2022, it gives a small evidence of many about India’s long standing tradition of ‘Cyclic notions of Time’, ‘Non-linear progressions’ and ‘The Doctrine of causation leading to reincarnation’ that is unknown to Western paradigms. Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine (1966) had explained this in his books, as one of the many. There are also strong dialogues between Scientist Nikola Tesla, Herman HelmHOLTZ and Lord Kelvin and Swami Vivekananda on this, way back in 1893. Then are the works and dialogues between Tagore and Einstein (1930, Berlin) and Tagore and Heisenberg (1929, Kolkata).

In March 2022, the principle of causation is explained in light of semantics and semiotics of Indus valley seals that shows parity with knowledge systems, the Vedas or the Srutis hold. Great scholars like Arnold Toynbee, Gregory Bateson and Alice Boner have explained this.

In April 2022, the principle of Non-linear Dynamism is further explained in light of the six seasons (Sada Ritu) which the Aryan Sages used as a parable of cyclic progress in the Vedas and later, a characteristic only evident in the Indian Ecosystem and climatic spread, and not in the backdrop of western civilization or any Aryan migration from there. Scholars like Joseph Needham, Al Gore and others have supported it as well. From May – August 2022, the special features of the Aryan Civilization are disclosed, which are not evident in any Aryan Invasion Theories. Over 6 research papers and proceedings are evident in the backdrop. Works of Mircea Eliade, Joseph Campbell and others have reinforced this; in fact the entire Penguin Dictionary of Symbols is a living testimony of the science behind these pages.

Finally, from September – December 2022, the pages over the horrors as outcome of the Aryan Invasion Myth, as a mishandling by the West are portrayed, and especially when Heinrich Himmler had send a team to check Northern India and Tibet (1938) to trace the origin of Super Aryan race. Though the Calendar is the tip of the iceberg, it has shaken the roots of the myopic and subservient foundations of conservative pool of scholars, experts and scientist. Hence, it finally re-establishes the whole foundation of IKS on its proper roots.

The book titled ‘Complete Story of Civilization’ by Will Durant represents the Oriental Heritage of India, showing the progression of culture is from East to West & then a return to Asia is actually an extension of the Oriental Civilization, which is much older and original, with the primacy of the Indian Civilization. As Swami Vivekananda has said in the Parliament of World Religions (1893, Chicago) – May He who is the Brahman of the Hindus, the Ahura-Mazda of the Zoroastrians, the Buddha of the Buddhists, the Jehovah of the Jews, the Father in Heaven of the Christians, give strength to you to carry out your noble idea! The star arose in the East; it travelled steadily towards the West, sometimes dimmed and sometimes effulgent, till it made a circuit of the world; and now it is again rising on the very horizon of the East, the borders of the Sanpo (Brahmaputra river) a thousand fold more effulgent than it ever was before”.

Prof. Joy Sen, Chairman, Centre of Excellence for Indian Knowledge System (CoE-IKS) remarked – “Even though our nation has gained its independence 70 years back, unfortunately a large portion of the mind-set is driven by migration theories supporting the one-track arrow, the racial supremacy behind the migration evidences, and the support of genetic evidences that is forged to reinforce the arrow further. Therefore, migration-race-genetic triplet has continued to under-surface and galvanize the older Aryan Invasion theory or Myth, which has caused so much of damage to national mind-set and the solidarity of Indian culture and heritage, which is a few thousand years older to that of the West.”

IIT Kharagpur congratulates Prof. Joy Sen, Chairman, Centre of Excellence for Indian Knowledge System (CoE-IKS) and his entire team for bearing the torch of enlightenment discarding the idea of Indo-Aryan diaspora. The emergence of a fresh tide of more holistic and interdisciplinary scholarship and the paradigm expansion of human thought based on the Indian ethos have just been re-initiated.

Content Writer:- Poulami Mondal, Digital & Creative Media Executive (Creative Writer) under the guidance of Prof. Joy Sen, Chairperson, Centre of Excellence-Indian Knowledge System (CoE-IKS)

Email:,, Ph. No.: +91-3222-282007

By Poulami Mondal

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