A fauji at heart

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  1. Mahesh C Rawat says:

    Great !!! SS Das , We can not forget the begining of our life spent 1981- 84 training time, tenures in Units there after. It all taught us to live high disciplinary life, committed activities for the society.

  2. Rama Rao A says:

    Dear Shib Shankar Das,

    We’re always proud of you either at IAF or where you’re now for your humility a d service attitude.

    Best wishes,

    Rama Rao A
    Ex-IAF / Entry mate

  3. Subhash Chand says:

    As a colleague of basic the memory you have about the discipline of ATI and there on your association with environment of the IAF .very few achieve such kind of self-propelled success in the goal you desire for self and Nation, will motivate many others to be likes of you.We all proud of you Dada.Jai Hind

  4. Chandrakant Bhor says:

    Being your tradesmen /section mate in AN12, I am very very proud of you. I was there with you in DSS Rdo section. All the best dada. My number is 9371067224.

  5. Jwo PR Dixit says:

    Great sir,You are genius.I as a JWO of IAF Trade Airfame feel proud after readind ur article .Great achievement with great effort with passion.
    Sir grand salute to you sir🙏

  6. Ajay says:

    Great sir, ur achievement be a great motivation fr those want to do something out of box

  7. Rakshapada Poddar says:

    I salute you from the depth of my heart for your success beyond imagination from AC(U/T) to an innovator a researcher in one of the most prestigious institute in the globe. I like to invite you in our technical institute for your prestigious talk in any field of your choice.

  8. Mohammad Moaz Ansari says:

    Proud of u Mr. Das dada, i didn’t know much about ur background when i was there in CET (M. Tech batch 2011-13) (hope u remember me).
    Congratulation for ur achievement and wish you all the success, happiness, and joy in life.

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