Deshla hits the road

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  1. Abhishek Jyotishi says:

    First of all congratulations to you guys. I have a query regarding batteries. Have you designed your own battery packs or purchased it from market and which lithium ion batteries you have used.

  2. DSarkar says:

    Pl. try to make at least 10 no.of this e- rickshaw and runs in and around campus to get the post launch feedback. Recurring cost and cost of run per km. Finaly cost of the vehicle. Don’t left it as a model only as it happens in most cases and in most institute.

  3. Deepin says:

    Congratulations. Well done guys. Also bit of Financial engg of how truly elect drive drain for future customers riders and owners will have compelling desire to switch to Deshla from reliable fossil ones , will rise prospects of this Vehic spreading, taking over future sales share of this vehicle category. And two optimised mechan configurations with two motors, eg 3 person short chassis agile slow speed high traffic efficient version. Other 6pers long chasis non agile long runner high speed efficient could be other version to suit different regions markets. Linking this (Li-Batt) bright work to actual market needs should not be left out. All the best.

  4. Debnath saha says:

    Sir ,i want buy this toto. How can possible ..give me the price

  5. Easwar says:

    Great work
    We wish to make it commercially available & viable.
    Need the right contact

  6. AVS SRIDHAR says:

    Congratulations to all team success. Light aluminium used for Aircrafts can further reduce self of load of vehicle and ratify strength of vehicle. Secondly wheel base may be worked out for self balance more. It’s nice to see brains on right path of green earth

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