IIT Kharagpur develops COVID-19 Predictive Model for Decision-making

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12 Responses

  1. Good show
    Extend this for all of the states and UTs.

  2. Asik Hossain says:

    How you expect that cases will reach about 7.5 lakh around. I thik it will reach minimum of 13 lakh in November.
    Your RSME is very high that’s why I think RSME is not suitable for error calculation in logistic regression model.

  3. Kaushik Shekhar says:

    Do the data used by this prediction model is reliable??
    Gov just adjust data of previous month to next month.

  4. Shikshit says:

    This is really a nice article to get useful information about the COVID-19 outbreak. However, I would really appreciate the author if he could suggest some articles/posts about the wayout in dealing with such a unique outbreak. Thanks in advance! Please keep writing more stuff like this.

  5. Ramakrushna Mishra says:

    You have estimated the peak will be on 19/06/2020. But it is still increasing. May be you have not taken community spread into account.

  6. Rajiv Sharma says:

    In between 5th September to 23september I hope it will come in control after that it will continue but with very low potential..and then ends in india. I think…

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