It’s Illumination Time

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8 Responses

  1. Prof pravat kumar parhi says:

    Excellent and wonderful. Proud to feel the green environment in my physical absence.

    Prof . P. K. Parhi , ph.d, 2001 batch, aerospace engg deptt.

  2. Kamal Kushwaha says:

    This is the best way to retain lndian culture and festival.Memorable to all of us long long…. as diwali is really a festival full of light and joy to awaken our soul from darkness

  3. Amit Sainik says:

    Wow, memories Cherish

  4. GKRAJU says:

    Great tradition that shatters several myths:
    1. Diwali cannot be celebrated in pomp with minimal natural resources
    2. Technology students lack creativity
    3. Geeks cannot work in teams
    Let this great tradition continue forever in future

  5. Manoj Shah says:

    I am glad that kgp has taken the lead. Please spread this to our sister institutions for a much wider impact.

  6. Prashant Gabhane says:

    Can’t forget as I was social and cultural secretary of Vidya Sagar Hall of Residence and how difficult was getting the guys to work especially when our end sem exam was exactly after one week of the competition i.e. Diwali night.
    The whole event and their preparations are still cherished as if it happened just yesterday.

  7. RP always wins, but it’s nice that everyone joins in

  8. Debasish Roy says:

    As this movement has reached scale and visitor footfall we never could imagine, hope that required Safety audits and Precautions are done.. would be pretty stupid if a Technologically rich institution over looks that … also as all have realized on the way .. a sustainable development has both aspects in equal measure .. “Green” as well as “Safe” .. hope the students have reached out to the Institution authorities to address these.. would love to hear about that ..

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