Kgp Hacks Corona

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IIT Kharagpur’s Undergraduate Students Council has launched KGP Hacks Corona, an initiative for the IIT KGP community to build software and data solutions aimed at tackling various challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The objective as stated by Council representative Santosh T.Y.S.S is not only to engage the students during the isolation period but also create an online space where developers can ideate, experiment and build software solutions. Students can use technologies of their choice in diverse areas to address the thematic areas of the tech challenge. 

The thematic areas span over 

  1. Health: Address and scale a range of health initiatives, including preventative/hygiene behaviors (especially for at-risk countries and populations), supporting frontline health workers, scaling telemedicine, contact tracing/containment strategies, treatment and diagnosis development.
  2. Vulnerable Populations: The set of problems facing the elderly and the immuno-compromised, such as access to meals and groceries, and supporting those who are losing jobs and income.
  3. Businesses: The set of problems that businesses are facing to stay afloat, collaborate effectively, and move parts of their business online.
  4. Community: Promoting connection to friends, family, and neighbors to combat social isolation and the digitizing of public services for local governments.
  5. Education: Alternative learning environments and tools for students, teachers, and entire school systems.
  6. Entertainment: Alternatives to traditional forms of entertainment that can keep the talent and audiences safe and healthy.
  7. Others as ideated by the students.

On submission of innovative ideas selection would be done on a rolling basis and will be mentored to develop it further. 

“Shortlisted solutions would be  considered for deployment by scaling it up based on its feasibility. We have made a huge range of COVID references available for online assistance,” said Santosh.

Interested students must join the slack group for KGP hacks Corona:

For more info on rules and regulations, please refer:

By Shreyoshi Ghosh

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  • C Mukherjee -

    Dear students,
    I just found an article in Science journal about creating Mobile app for extremely rapid contact tracing to control COVID-19. I want to attract your attention to this article-

    Please go through this article and try something that can done with the help of WB Govt to tackle Covid-19.
    Wish you all good health and good luck.
    Love from UK

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