Kgpians Who Steered India’s Moonshot

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8 Responses

  1. Pusparajah Selvadurai says:

    Keep the KGP flag flying.

  2. P R GOVIL says:

    I am proud that 3 IIT Alumni played a vital role in the launch of CHANDRAYAN 2.
    P.R. GOVIL


    I am filled with joy on such a stupendous contribution of IIT KGP alumni in our glorious space programme.
    Hari M Gupta
    Ex Chair Professor, EED, IIT, Delhi
    M.Tech. (ECE) 1969 (IIT KGP) + [B.E (Roorkee) + Ph.D. (IIT, Kanpur)]
    President Institution of Communication Engineers and Information Technologists (ICEIT)

  4. Kanai De says:

    As IIT KGP alumni ( 1968 Nehru) I am very proud of these achievements. But I am concerned about general upkeep and repairs of all residences for the students We need to improve repairs of these halls of residences.
    Good upkeep will improve physical & metal conditions of the students.

  5. AMITAVA SEN says:

    Wish to see IIT Alumni playing such important role in many more launches in future!

  6. Tamal Krishna Chakravorty says:

    Kuodos to Narayanan, Raghunath and Shyamal for your feat to put the Chandrayaan-2 in course for journey to the moon. We are feeling great! IIT ka tempo high hai!

  7. Indeed this is a proud feeling to know that three alumni of IIT , Kgp could make significant contributions in the latest moon mission of GREAT TEAM ISRO !

  8. PRADEEP KUMAR says:

    Know Shymal well while we were residing in same sector, sector-c Bondamunda Railway Colony. Sundargarh District Orissa. Feeling proud & got overjoyed when came to know that Shymal was one of the member of Chandrayaan-2 technical support team.

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