Online Workshop on Accelerated Data Science

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The Centre for Computational and Data Science at IIT Kharagpur is organizing an Online Workshop on Accelerated Data Science in collaboration with NVIDIA Corporation, India and National Supercomputing Mission, C-DAC, Government of India, from February 21-22, 2021.

In the workshop, the state-of-art theory and technologies for accelerated machine learning, as well as deep learning algorithms, will be covered. Also, the fundamentals of GPU computing with an emphasis on machine learning and deep learning algorithms will be presented. Further, several technologies and platforms for GPU acceleration of these algorithms will be elaborated.

Topic List: 

Day 1:

  1. Fundamentals of GPU Architecture & CUDA 
  2. Introduction to Accelerated Data Science: RAPIDS
  3. Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms
  4. Case Study/Hands-on: Solving and Benchmarking End to End Data Science Problem using RAPIDS 

Day 2:

  1. Introduction to Deep Neural Network & Deep Learning
  2. NVIDIA CUDA-X Platform Overview: Accelerated Computing for Deep Neural Networks
  3. Accelerating and Scaling Deep Neural Networks using DALI, Mixed Precision and Multi-GPU Scaling
  4. Optimizing and Deployment of Neural Networks using TensorRT & Triton Inference Server
Faculty members, Research Students, Advanced Masters and Undergraduate Students, Industry Professionals can Register for Free Registration Link:
Last Date of Registration: February 18, 2021

Mode of Conduction: The workshop will be held online using MS Teams.

By Poulami Mondal


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