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Kgpians are known for their dynamic talents beyond being technologists, researchers, corporate leaders, administrators. While some choose the offbeat career, some go with a balance between the two worlds of an IITian’s career as well as pursuing their passion in other creative fields.

Dhananjay Collur, who studied to become an engineer in the field of Electronics and Electrical Communications at IIT Kharagpur, is among the latter. After being a corporate professional and entrepreneur for 35 years, he has turned to his heart’s call – Music.

Dhananjay, popularly known as DJ among his IIT KGP peer group, has released his maiden album ‘Unrequited Love‘.

The album is a collection of five love songs about discovering love, falling in love, losing loving, getting back love and unrequited love.

“When it comes to music, there are prodigies, there are late bloomers, and then there’s the category that I decided to form as an exclusive member. I’ve done 8 years of corporate life, 27 years of entrepreneur life, and now look forward to doing music for the rest of my life. Here goes nothing,” says DJ.

The album was recently shared by Director Prof. P P Chakrabarti on his social media handle. “Happy to share a new album of my RK senior Dhananjay Collur. Doubly excited that the launch is being facilitated by @songdewnetwork, founded by another RK-ite – Sunil Khanna. Really enjoyed listening to all the 5 songs,” read his post.

Let’s support IIT KGP’s very own DJ’s new musical journey & make this album become a digital chartbuster.

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By Shreyoshi Ghosh

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