The Home called Alma Mater – The Class of KGPian Millennials

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Homecoming 2022 of the 10th, 15th & 20th Graduates of IIT KGP

Every happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow. Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. This feeling was revived by our class of KGPian Millennials who revisited the home that nourished and shaped them…to make them what they are today. From 17th to 20th August 2022, along the lines of IIT Kharagpur’s 72nd Foundation Day, the institute welcomed the classes of 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2010 & 2012 batches who held nothing but gratitude and affection for their Alma Mater. Their eyes sparkled with joy, that they shared with the Campus, the Professors, the Staffs and the entire IIT KGP community that welcomed them with the plethora of belongingness they had bid farewell to. With lots of transitions that encountered them at their first glace to the institute, the essence of the institute with the starry night and the dancing trees stood ecstatic.

IIT Kharagpur’s Homecoming is an annual quest of memorabilia that happens every year. Since 2018, batches who have completed 20, 15 and 10 years of association with the Institute from the date of joining the institute, assemble to rejoice the coming together of Alums celebrating the institute’s birthday on 18 August with their overwhelming presence in the campus. The air inside the campus breathes differently when its Homecoming, a Celebration of the Wishful Bonds, together with students, faculty members and campus residents. This year, the campus honoured the Young Alumni Achievers for the year 2022 for their technological developments, innovative researches, service towards the community, service towards the nation, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, governance and administration, social impact and social welfare, contributions towards nation building and other professional accomplishments. IIT Kharagpur is proud to recognize its outstanding, notable and accomplished young alumni, who have made distinguished and outstanding contributions in their respective domains and areas.

Prof. Debashish Chakravarty, Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs & Branding announced the names of the awardees who were conferred the Alumni Endowed Student Scholarship. He stated that, “These awards are instituted by none other than the Alumni themselves. Under the eligibility of certain criterion and depending on the number of applicants, the winners have been recognized. I congratulate all the awardees and thank all the Alums who connected with us in this Homecoming 2022.”

So much has changed since the last time I came herein 2010, I literally was unable to locate Cheddi while entering IIT KGP says Mr. Swapnil Tembe [2009/B.Tech/ME/RP]. The Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills District in Meghalaya left Deloitte in 2011 to become an IAS officer reminisces his long journey. Upon asking how he would like to get connected with his Alma Mater he said, “On the grounds of social entrepreneurship, policy reforms, with the new disciplines coming in the amalgamation of technology and public policy, how technology can assist public services, how we can collaborate with technology to brush up public services etc. He further suggested in identifying the problems, with a proforma of questions on the respective fields where things can be executed and the solutions or comprehending researches can give the solutions accordingly. He added , ” The IIT KGP is a huge community out there, even in my state there are officers from IIT Kharagpur, therefore the local meet-ups is necessary that will keep the continuity and strengthen associations with the Alma Mater. Many of the batch mates are spread across different regions, so if we could have regional conclaves for North-East zone and other zones as well, to get more participation and collaborations eventually. He stressed on Career Counselling saying that you should do things that you love otherwise it is just a job. It feels really great to be recognized by your own Alma Mater.”

Walked past those memory lanes Mr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav [2006/B.Tech/CH/AZ] Founder Chairman & Academic Director at Griffins International School remarked, “Even after getting so many awards from all over the world, there is nothing like getting recognized by your Alma Mater. I think all the IITians love the atmosphere here. After working for a period of time, I thought of starting something of my own but Entrepreneurship was something that excited me, so I came back  to India and set a factory in Kharagpur. Interestingly IIT Kharagpur did not use the Green Technology up until then so I met the professors and convinced them that we should go for Green Technology because now the competition is not among states or countries, it is at a global level.

A wave of emotions filled up as he made his way to visit his classrooms, Mr. Saroj Kumar Thakur [2006/DD/EC/AZ], District Superintendent of Police, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu (IPS) said, “It is a totally different feeling to receive the Young Alumni Achieve’s Award. I have been here 5 years from 2001 to 2006, so all those things are coming back to me. The campus is much more greener and beautiful than it was before and the Azad Hall where I was, has also changed quite a lot which is a very pleasant surprise for me. I believe in the fact that if an IITian of Kharagpur cannot do something, nobody in the world can do it, not even god (laughs). He advised everyone to take up civil services says,”Everybody should prepare for UPSC because while studying for UPSC, I came to know the entire history, geography and the whole constitution of India. These studies help you to understand your country better, from inside out. Frankly speaking, I have not given back anything to my Alma Mater till now but I am ready to oblige to any of the requests that my Institution asks from me. He smirks and adds that now its upon my Alma Mater, anything that I can contribute personally, any help that is needed from my department as well I will happily comply. With immense pride I say this sitting here that whatever I am today is because of my Alma Mater.”

Walking along the green stretches of the campus, Mr. Abhinav Kumar [2008/B.Tech/CH/LLR], Divisional Forest Officer, Hapoli Forest Division, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh (IFS) remarked, ” It is good to be back after 8 years. Interestingly, while I was here, I did not get any medals but I must really add that getting into IIT Kharagpur is an achievement itself and something to be proud of yourself as well as for your family. It feels ecstatic when your Alma mater calls you up to honour you with an award, it is an happiness that cannot be defined in words. In the outside world, IIT Kharagpur is a brand and I feel this huge gratitude, it is really a great honour. Today we need good people in the government services as you have to be the change you want to see in the world around you. I think with the young generation coming in the civil services, we can indulge in a greater vision for the country. I would love to indulge people in providing meaningful direction and my Alma Mater is the best place to start with it.”

Ankit Jain [2013/B.Tech/MT/PH], Co-Founder, GDi Partners says, ” The institute has produced many Alumni to do wonderful things in life making us confident to seek ambition and do great things which was very evident when I started working after college. I would like to apologize to the institute for not being connected to the Institute from the last few years. After sharing our thoughts with Directors and other professors I would like to be associated more with the Institute with the immediate support that is required.”

Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Dean Outreach & Alumni Affairs said, “From the corporate world to sports to entrepreneurs to civil servants, we find KGPians in every sphere of our society. All of our Alums are striving for excellence in their respective fields bearing proud signature of IIT Kharagpur every year. With my short association with the Alumni Affairs as Dean, I had innumerable happy interactions with our Alums who are so very passionate towards their Alma Mater. Literally, IIT KGP Fraternity is the epitome of age old mantra of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. During the last two and a half years of the pandemic, we received tremendous help and support in various forms, from our Alumni not only for our faculty, staff and students but also, to reaching out to our greater community whom we consider inseparable in our ecosystem. We would be celebrating Platinum Jubilee function of IIT Kharagpur which would mark 75 years of the Institute’s foundation, from 18 August 2025 to 17 August 2026, and have various programmes to be celebrated year long, not only here but in different cities and places where our Alums have a strong presence. We look forward to your active and passionate participation in the celebration.”

86 years old Mr. Saripalle Satyamurthy, an Alumnus from the second batch of IIT Kharagpur after its formation in 1951 inspired everybody with his presence & was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award 2020, unable to collect due to the pandemic. He said, ” Its after 66 years that I actually came to my campus. Embarking on a poignant memory again, he added, “All of my contemporaries are gone now, I wanted to visit the campus with them. It was thrilling and exciting when Prime Minister announce my name for the Distinguished Alumnus Award 2020, all my family and friends were really excited. With my Alma Mater, I wanted to be connected with the new things that they are developing especially for the rural community in regard to Rural Development Organization, any machinery or technology that will be beneficial to them and that should be made efficient using modern technology. Consideration should be made for the people for whom the technology is being made. With the reasonable income that I have, I wanted to contribute something to the hostels for renovations and I want to participate in the redevelopment of rooms.”

Campus tour, engagement programmes, department visit and strategic meetings, the Office of Alumni Affairs welcomed the Homecomers of 2022 in a pursuit of endearing fondness and helped them to revisit their Alma Mater in a more profound way. Discussions, meetings, brainstorming, cultural inhibitions, concrete ideations and entertaining all the fads of the Alumni, their endeavors has helped the institution to raise many endowments for institutional development. Ms. Swagata Nimaiyar(2002/BTech/AG/SN/IG) has pledged for an endowment of three lakh rupees during Homecoming 2022. IIT Kharagpur is grateful to the Alumni fraternity for their continuous support and guidance.

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