The Young Investigating Kgpian

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  1. Krishna Kumar Agrawal says:

    Dr. Piya Pal is an example of motivation for translational research in Engineering/ Architectural Science having close application and linkage to contemporary Industry requirement and application in the country. Adequate and sutained efforts will cause this to happen since IIT-KGP has high potential of her teaching pedagogy & faculty Students interaction. I remember of 1959-63 and later my research period of 1-1/2 yearsin 1964-65.
    May be some teaching course contents/ methodology/ pedagogy plus industry linkage reviews at every 5 years periodicity are required to make our UG and PG programmes to be directly useful to Industry without a large complimentary / supplimentary teaching and Training after employment. In Civil Engineering, I feel specially, is greatly required. May Almighty Bless and add higher Wings to my Alma Matre, IIT-KGP. This conclusion I have summed up and remedy proposed in my writing after my long Industry and research experience in Central Govt., as private corporate sector entrepreneur and having taught extensive PG level comprehensive programmes in a) Advanced Structural Engineering & Analysis /Designing of complex systems, and b) Construction Management.

  2. Congratulations Dr Piya Pal. Do connect with us – IIT Alumni Canada at Toronto, when you come to Toronto.

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