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  1. Mr. Bot says:

    A very nice article about the event. Would also like to mention the project “Mr. Bot”, that has not been highlighted here. The model was made by the students of Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon. It was a smart shopping cart specifically designed for elderly or people with disabilities, who due to specific reasons cannot go to malls and are deprived of social interaction and entertainment. It could follow the people who are not able to carry / hold bags; help visually impaired people reach desired destinations; help handicapped to attach their wheelchair/ stand on the support to visit different places in the mall.
    It was a unique idea of the students that made best use of technology and robotics to serve disabled section of the society. The robotics projects displayed by IIT students were also already incorporated in the model.
    This event has given a very good exposure to our students and we would definitely like to be a part of this in future.

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