From the lab to the hospital

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4 Responses

  1. Subrata Ghosh says:

    Kudos to all participating team members. May your efforts bear fruit for development of a healthy& strong India, and save more lives from various critical illness and vector borne diseases throughout our country.
    Keep the tempo of IIT KGP at the highest,
    –An old IITian.

  2. B. K. Dhindaw says:

    I read with interest the new development taking place in SMST. Congratulations to the School in diversifying the programme and making it so successful. As one of the academic involved from inception of the programme at IIT Khargpur I was little surprised at the new name being given to the programme. This brings the programme at level of what is going on for several decades in other IIT’s and also private institutions. The idea at IIT Kharagpur was different to involve only those having MBBS degree. I agree, to have only MBBS doctors and run the programme requires lot of work and push but then to be different obviously there is no easy path.

  3. Minnu says:

    Are we allowed to do practising at other private hospitals while doing this course

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