Humans of KGP

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    Being an old Nehruvian – Stay at Nehru Hall for 5 years since 1956-61, I have a respect for the Hall. It was my abode in making my career. I convey my appreciation to Mr. Dulal Kumar Chanda for his story and his effort in maintaining the Library at Nehru Hall . Starting a Library at Halls of Residence is probably new feature. When we were there, the only Library we had was the Central Library.

  2. M.Y. Sulemani says:

    This is from a J C Bosian of the year 1963-65. I have no proper words to mention that I have essentially understood the spirit of Mr. Chanda. But to express would
    add my present status – as an M.Tech Foundry , joined Perfect Group of Baroda and now working for Gujarat Perfect Engg, Ltd. , a small Public Co. which enjoys the honour of having import substituted Alum. Alloy castings during mid 60’s for
    foreign companies .

    I have no time limitations but attend 4-6 hours a day.

    With this I send my best wishes for Chanda.

  3. Krishnamraju Balamraju says:

    That is SONAR BANGLA , AMAARSONAR I I T CENTRAL LIBRARY , KHARAGPUR , SPIRIT of “ SEVA “ as a flower at The altar of ( DIVINITY)THAT( ‘ Thath ‘) .Long live our Institute dedicated to the Sevice of THE NATION ( BHAARATHADESAMU) as

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