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Building Knowledge Portal of India

For most people outside the country, India is a land of antiquity, of ancient wisdom and knowledge. The preservation of said antiquity and the wealth of cultural heritage, however, has proved to be a challenge in our country. Locating the original material is itself a task but by no means...


Humans of KGP

I have spent 38 years on this campus and the one thing that I can tell you as a result is this: I shall die a happier and more contented man than many others on this planet. The lure of KGP is its people – all these bright, young minds...


NDLI: Book Lovers’ Paradise

Business Standard     Financial Express   Millennium Post   The Week  DevDiscourse It is difficult for book-lovers to control themselves when they see their favourite volumes stacked in racks. However, despite the temptation, it is seldom possible to buy all the books that one may desire – our pockets rarely run that...