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Study@COVID-Time with NDLI

IIT Kharagpur develops JEE Preparation Module on NDLI during COVID-19 Lockdown Times of India          Navbharat Times         Times Now         Education Times          India Today         NDTV       Jagran Josh          DataQuest      NDTV Khabar  ...


Building Knowledge Portal of India

For most people outside the country, India is a land of antiquity, of ancient wisdom and knowledge. The preservation of said antiquity and the wealth of cultural heritage, however, has proved to be a challenge in our country. Locating the original material is itself a task but by no means...


NDLI: Book Lovers’ Paradise

Business Standard     Financial Express   Millennium Post   The Week  DevDiscourse It is difficult for book-lovers to control themselves when they see their favourite volumes stacked in racks. However, despite the temptation, it is seldom possible to buy all the books that one may desire – our pockets rarely run that...